Iowa Western Reivers


IWCC Women's Basketball Fall 2016 Academic All-Region Team.

12 members of the Iowa Western Women’s Basketball team earned the ICCAC Academic All-Region award for their performance in the classroom in the 2016 Fall semester. 

Each player earned an average of at least a 3.0 to make the All-Region Academic team, while 1st teamers achieved at least a 3.5 overall GPA. 

Freshmen Zheniah Jackson, Alison Verzani and international Christelle Nyauchi lead the pack with 4.00 GPAs for the fall semester.  Freshman Miya Bull was among 3 other players who were named 1st Team; with an overall average mark of 3.75 the highest amongst the 3. Freshman Destinee Tooks followed with a 3.57 and sophomores Lade Adepoju and Melis Ucar both brought in 3.50 GPAs.  

Head Coach Lindsey Vande Hoef strives for academic success.  “We have a young group this year and we knew the transition would be difficult for some of the ladies. These ladies accepted that challenge and performed exceptionally in the classroom. I could not be more proud of them.” 

At the beginning of the season the team set an academic Christmas Goal in order to push one another in the classroom. The ladies made their mark at a 3.26 GPA at the end of the semester.
Members who achieved 2nd team honors include; Jazza Johns, Delia Ania-Gaja, Alicia Mountain, Ashley Ramey and Azaria Floyd.   

Iowa Western Women’s Basketball will continue to push for success for student-athletes both on and off the court by challenging them with the expectation of greatness.